Ulsan Tap Water and Drinking Water Quality Deemed ‘Suitable’

The Ulsan City Waterworks Business Headquarters announced that the water quality test for 60 items was at a very safe level suitable for Korea’s drinking water quality standards.

According to the test results, microorganisms such as general bacteria, total coliform group, and Escherichia coli and harmful inorganic substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, fluorine, heavy metals (7 items), boron, and bromate were all ‘not detected or below the standard value’. 

17 items such as benzene, phenol, carbon tetrachloride, which are harmful to health, organic substances such as benzene, phenol, and carbon tetrachloride were ‘not detected’, and 11 items including residual chlorine, total trihalomethane, and chloroform, which are disinfectants and disinfection by-products, were also measured as ‘not detected or below the standard value’.

16 items such as hardness, odor, taste, color, and turbidity, which are substances that affect aesthetics, were also investigated as ‘not detected, suitable, below the standard value’.

Zinc, which is an essential influencing substance for the human body, varies slightly depending on the region, but it is well below the standard and is safe.

In addition, as a result of the water quality test for a total of 108 household faucets and 6 old pipe faucets, which were calculated and selected according to the water supply population for each district and county, the residual chlorine was found to be at an appropriate level, and it was found to be suitable for the water quality standards of all branches.

An official from the Waterworks Business Headquarters said, “As a result of regular water quality inspection, the tap water supplied from the purification plant to each household is much lower than the drinking water quality standard, so it is safe and clean water, so citizens can drink it with confidence.”

Detailed water quality test results can be found on the website of the Ulsan City Waterworks Project Headquarters (water.ulsan.go.kr).

The Ulsan City Waterworks Business Headquarters is implementing the ‘My House Tap Water Safety Confirmation System’ to ensure safe use of tap water at home.

The our tap water safety confirmation system is free if you apply through the Ulsan City Waterworks Business Headquarters website (http://water.ulsan.go.kr), the Love Water website (www.ilovewater.or.kr), or by phone (052-268-5189).

Haps Staff
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