Unique Korean Entertainment: 4 Ways to Have Fun With a Twist

Experiencing South Korea’s unique entertainment can be very rewarding – a lot more so than common forms of fun and games. Visitors and locals have a range of activities to enjoy, some rich in culture, others simply different in wonderful ways. Here are four types of entertainment to check out for unusual opportunities on offer in the country.


There’s no shortage of strange and beautiful places to discover. A great example is the Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park, which features indoor and outdoor attractions. Atlas Obscura suggests strolling through gardens and waterfalls made of glass, playing in a room of mirrors, or just sitting quietly in a glass library.

Many such unique venues await you in South Korea, including the Trick Eye Museum, Imsil Cheese Theme Park, and Museum Kimchikan, the last dedicated to the traditional spiced cabbage delicacy. It’s not just food that can bring you closer to Korea’s culture, but it does help.


A more modern food-based tradition is Pepero Day, celebrated on November 11th. The popular chocolate brand makes treats in the shape of the number one and people, especially children, exchange them on that special day. Apparently, that’s when Pepero makes 30% of its annual sales.

Plenty of older customs offer unique entertainment if you’re lucky enough to take part. Doljabi has one-year-old children hint towards their future by picking a symbolic object from an array in front of them.

Digital Games

South Korea produces some of the best eSports champions for good reason. The country’s video game industry is booming and not just in terms of players. So you can sit back and enjoy PUBG or Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, knowing you’re engaging with national gaming treasures.

This kind of entertainment comes in unique forms too. Online casinos like William Hill make betting on soccer teams from all over the world as immersive as any video game. In fact, user-friendliness and high entertainment standards is something you can expect from such gambling services in South Korea, whether you prefer sports betting or other forms such as bingo and live blackjack.

Physical Games

As vast as South Korea’s video game culture is, physical experiences are a different level of entertainment. The escape room craze is especially strong here, so finding a good venue like Breakout in Haeundae should be easy.

Explore other unique options too. Running Man, for example, a beloved action variety TV show, sets up events around the country so you can compete in physically demanding missions. Then there are venues like Dynamic Maze, an indoor collection of adventures involving puzzles, mazes, and more to test your mind and body.

Entertainment for all tastes is available in South Korea, but you have to discover it first. Start with these areas of interest and don’t be afraid to dig deeper into the very special activities you can get into. There’s a mix of traditional and Western influences ready and waiting, ranging from customs and games to sweets and dishes.

Haps Staff
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