United Nations Peace Memorial Hall Unveils 10th Anniversary Plans

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the United Nations Peace Memorial Hall has revealed a new slogan and announced ten key projects to mark the milestone.

Opened on November 11, 2014, under the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, the memorial hall has served as both a tribute and an educational institution, welcoming a total of 860,000 visitors to date.

The memorial hall introduced its 10th-anniversary slogan, ‘UNPM 10 with Peace as the Future.’ This slogan embodies the commitment to preserve the value of peace demonstrated by UN-participating countries and veterans during the Korean War, nurturing future peace leaders, and fostering veterans diplomacy connecting the world and generations.

The ten major projects are categorized into expanding communication and participation, strengthening exhibitions, expanding educational initiatives, and hosting cultural events. Communication channels will be widened through the publication of a seasonal newsletter and active engagement on social media platforms.

To revamp exhibition spaces, digital halls will replace aging exhibits. The Korean War Room on the first floor will incorporate extended reality (XR) video production technology for realistic content, while a media wall on the second floor will present three-dimensional displays of participating countries’ activities. A special exhibition in April will showcase items belonging to Colonel William Weber, symbolizing the Korean War and the ROK-US alliance.

Other highlights for this year include a special lecture titled ‘UN Veterans and the Republic of Korea,’ featuring Director Kim Gwang-woo as the lecturer, highlighting the contributions of UN veterans.

The ‘Memorial Hall Education Publicity Realization Project’ will distribute free learning materials with ten years of education business expertise. Applications for regular education programs, such as ‘Global Citizenship Education’ and ‘Mock International Conference Education,’ will be accepted from March.

Cultural and artistic events are also planned, including a concert featuring the UN Peace Road Walking Competition, the UN Peace Boys and Girls Choir, and the UN Peace Orchestra.

Plans also include an experience camp for Korean War refugees in Busan and a campaign to collect war-related artifacts.

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