Up Your Fashion Game With Unique Pieces From VIPOP

If you are looking for unique, fashionable, and long-lasting pieces to add to your collection, look no further!

VIPOP, since its founding in 2019, is bringing underrepresented brands from Latin America and beyond to your doorstep. Founded by two Venezuelans, Lenia Perez, and Fabiana Gonzalez, VIPOP’s mission is to highlight designers and handcrafters that produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality pieces while also ensuring sustainable and ethical practices.

Plus, since the items are curated and bought in batches, there are no more than 2-3 pieces per size, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

Founding VIPOP, the story

Lenia herself had an artisanal upbringing with both her parents pursuing their arts and therefore exposing her to design. This led to her pursuing Fashion Design in her undergraduate, while also gaining exposure to product engineering, fashion photography, and interior design. Fabiana on the other hand studied Communication and Public Relations, although her passion was always fashion.

So, she pursued a certificate in styling and personal shopping. The alignment of their interests and expertise eventually led to the development of VIPOP – a company that brings independent designers to the forefront, especially those that are creative, ethical, and sustainable. Sharing the stories of the designers and brands, they work to help the consumers create a personal connection with each item.

In order to further bring the fashion to life, the VIPOP team collaborated with Nominal to create Artezano. It is a concept store located in Central, Hong Kong, part café and part boutique that is based on the goal of bringing artisanal pieces, both fashion, and food, to Asia.  Whether you drop by for the coffee or the clothes, you are truly immersed in the lifestyle they provide. The friendly staff, the airy décor, and the beautiful jewelry and fashion pieces are sure to transport you to Latin America. And you cannot leave without trying something from their menu which has been developed by Brazilian head chef, Agnes Lessa. While all her creations are delicious, the unmissable items include the Avo Avo Avo, a smashed avocado toast, topped with poached eggs or Grilled Cheese, particularly the goat labneh spread

The faces behind the VIPOP brands

Whether you’re in the Artezano store or are browsing online, one aspect that the VIPOP team has developed is sharing the designers’ stories. With “doing good” being a core value, the team works to curate brands that are sustainable, either using zero-waste processes, working with vegan, organic, or recycled materials, or are carbon-neutral. They also use local means of production, thanks to an ethical and conscious approach.

Moreover, the majority of the ateliers are women themselves, and they work with disenfranchised individuals, be it single mothers, indigenous folk, people with disabilities, or former inmates.  One such brand is Amaré, a plant-based designer who uses cactus leather to create luxurious handbags and more. VIPOP also carries Baobab, a Colombian swimwear brand that uses recycled ocean debris such as plastic and fishing nets which are created into iconic pieces. Finally, they also work with brands such as Armadillo Stores, which is a fair trade and ethical enterprise. They work with Kichwa artisans from remote regions of Ecuador that use the cabuya plant to weave items such as bags, ponchos, etc. By employing this population, Armadillo is able to save this tedious yet stunning historical crafting technique that is in danger of disappearing.

Shop VIPOP online and get delivered wherever you are in Asia, including Korea.

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