Visitors to Busan’s Beaches Declines Again This Summer, But Gyeongnam’s Rise

The number of visitors to beaches in Gyeongnam province rose this summer, while Busan’s beaches had another big drop for the second straight year.

Image: Gyeongnam Province

Gyeongnam Beaches See 15% Rise in Visitors

Beaches in Gyeongnam province closed on the 22nd of August, 51 days after opening.

With 11 fewer rainy days this year, 640,000 people visited beaches in the area, up from 558,000 in 2020.

The most visited beach was Geoje’s Hakdong Mongdol Beach with 88,000 visitors followed by Sangjueun Sand Beach in Namhae with 79,000 people.

Changwon’s Gwangam Beach also saw a 30% increase in visitors this year.

Geoje Island was the most visited city with 370,000 visitors, followed by Namhae, Changwon, Tongyong, and Sacheon.

All of Busan’s Beaches Saw a Decrease in Visitors

Visitors to Busan’s beaches decreased significantly for the second consecutive year. Last year, the beaches closed on August 21 when Busan was in social distancing level 2, while this year, summer operations closed at level 4 on August 10th.

Here are the number of visitors to each beach this year and the decrease in the number of visitors from July 1 to August 23.

Haeundae — 4,821,950 (-28%)

Gwangalli — 1,210,715 (-56%)

Songjeong — 1,206,037 (-20%)

Songdo — 1,042,000 (-43%)

Dadaepo — 1,110,500 (-19%)

Ilgwang — 710,500 (-52%)

Imrang — 402,019 (-69%)

Visitors to the local beaches have been decreasing each year since 2019 when cool and cloudy weather was a factor.

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