What Level 2 Social Distancing Means in Busan

Based on the recent increase of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Busan area, the level of social distancing measures has been raised to Level 2, starting from August 17, 12:00 (KST) until August 31, 2020.

We ask for your cooperation in preventing the further spread of COVID-19 by strictly following the rules below until August 31, 2020.

Public Guidance for Level 2 Social Distancing

➀ Do not go to work if feeling sick

– Call KCDC call center by dialing 1339 or contact a local public health center or screening clinic

➁ Postpone or cancel non-essential outings, social gatherings, events, or travel

– Essential travel includes receiving medical care, buying necessities, or going to work

– At restaurants or cafes, order takeout rather than dining in

– Home training is recommended in place of going to gyms

– For social activities, utilize PCs or smartphones to conduct online meetings

– Use online shopping rather than physical stores

➂ If going out, wear a mask and follow the infection prevention guidelines

– Do not visit crowded, confined, and close-contact places with poor ventilation

– Wear a mask indoors as well as outdoors whenever 2m distancing can’t be maintained

– Maintain physical distance from other people (2m recommended, 1m minimum)

– No droplet-producing activities, such as shouting, singing out loud, or chanting

– No physical contact with others, such as handshakes or hugs

The city will extend the special inspection period on common-use facilities, including high-risk facilities until the end of August. In addition to the 12 types of facilities, such as clubs and entertainment establishments that are currently designated as “high-risk”, the city will also designate PC rooms and wedding hall buffets as high-risk facilities.

Such facilities will be subject to a “one-strike-out” system, in which those violating quarantine rules, including not enforcing mask-wearing or keeping poor entry lists will immediately receive an order banning gatherings.

The city will also strengthen inspections on other common-use facilities, such as indoor sports facilities. Religious facilities subject to inspections have been expanded from churches to include all religious facilities.

Public facilities will limit visitors by half and focus on providing non-face-to-face services. Social welfare facilities have been asked to temporarily close, but the city will continue to provide emergency childcare services.

The city and the education office have decided to switch all classes at Busan schools to remote classes for a week until August 21st and have advised private academies to remain closed until August 23rd.

Baseball and other professional sports will play games without an audience.

Indoor gatherings with at least 50 people or outdoor gatherings with at least 100 people must follow quarantine rules, including wearing masks and keeping safe distances. The city will file a claim for damages and compensation if transmission occurs at a gathering that has violated quarantine rules.

Public institutions and private companies have also been asked to reduce workplace density through staggered commutes or flexible work hours.

The city will closely monitor the situation for the next two weeks and implement stronger measures such as temporarily closing high-risk facilities if the situation worsens.

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