What Stops People From Investing Their Money?

There’s plenty of opportunity in the modern financial markets, particularly when you consider the sheer range of options available and the leverage associated with entities such as the foreign exchange.

However, the market remains seemingly inaccessible to some, with a number of practical and psychological factors discouraging many from accessing the financial marketplace in the first place.

We’ll explore some of these below while asking what you can do to bridge any gaps in understanding and increase your confidence when entering the marketplace?

Why Don’t People Invest Their Cash?

Historically, there were simply too many barriers to entry surrounding the financial market, from inflated capital requirements (in some instances) to the absence of tech-led forex trading platforms such as the MetaTrader 4.  

While innovation and sustained technological advancement have helped to eradicate many of these barriers to entry, aspiring investors may also find themselves gripped by an innate fear of the unknown. 

This is a universal challenge whenever you try something new, of course, while it can also be compounded in this instance by a fundamental lack of knowledge or understanding of a particular market’s mechanisms.

Knowledge is particularly important when trading volatile and derivative assets such as currencies, as there are a number of underlying rules that govern change in the forex market. So, by building knowledge over time and then gaining practical experience through an online demo account, you can create a keen sense of determinism that allows for more informed and less emotive trading.

You may also be influenced by a number of common misconceptions, which may be built on ignorance or misinformation from others.

One common misconception refers to initial capital requirements, as some believe these to be excessive across a wide range of markets.

While this may be true in the case of day trading stocks, however, it varies from one asset class to another, with the result that you can access highly leveraged entities such as the forex market with minimal amounts of cash.

How to Overcome These Challenges

As we can see, knowledge represents power in the world of financial market trading, while this is certainly key to every trader’s success across the globe.

In this respect, simply reading books from qualified authors and attending investment training courses (either on or offline) represents an excellent way to kickstart your trading journey, as this will provide you with the knowledge that you need to achieve sustainable success over time.

You may also want to consider the benefits of concepts such as social trading, which enable you to create a network of skilled investors and ‘copy’ the most successful portfolios.

Of course, you’ll need to have an understanding of any trading strategies that you adopt, as this will equip you with the agility to make necessary changes in line with specific market movements.

If you’re really starting from scratch, we’d also recommend initially working alongside an accredited financial advisor, who can provide expert guidance and help you to develop a more targeted approach.


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