Will Social Distancing Measures Be Eased From Next Week in Busan?

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases has dropped into the double digits for a week, it has reached near the level 3 application standard.

Last week, the city averaged 71.9 cases on average per day, a drop from 107 the week previous.

The current level standards are (average daily cases):

Level 2 — 24

Level 3 — 68

Level 4 — 137

As this past week’s numbers hit the level 3 standard, questions are arising if the social distancing measures will be eased as the city makes an announcement this Friday.

Two reasons why the city may continue the current measures would be the uncertainty of delta virus clusters and also the fact that Chuseok runs from September 18-22 and whether or not the government will ease restrictions to allow families to gather this year.

The city of Busan has been at level 4 social distancing measures since August 10.

Haps Staff
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