“With Jo Taejun Busan Groove” to Perform at Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum

Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum will be hosting a special event on April 27th, featuring the renowned indie band “With Jo Taejun Busan Groove” as part of its monthly showcase, “Busan Goodcast.”

This month, the spotlight falls on the vibrant performance of Busan Mood and Color, headlined by “With Jo Taejun Busan Groove” at the annex of the Busan Modern and Contemporary History Museum.

Formed in 2020, “With Jo Taejun Busan Groove” epitomizes the essence of Busan’s music scene, led by the talented singer-songwriter Taejun Cho, known for his proficiency in ukulele and guitar.

The band’s signature lies in their incorporation of Busan dialect into their lyrics, coupled with captivating melodies and rap elements, often accompanied by music videos showcasing the picturesque scenery of Busan.

The band members share a common love for Busan, as reflected in their music, which transcends genres, encompassing disco, punk, modern rock, folk rock, ballads, and jazz. Their performances resonate with themes of everyday life – from love and longing to farewells and nostalgia, making their music universally relatable.

With a lineup featuring Taejun Cho, along with Ivailo from Bulgaria on drums, and Ma Sang-ryeong on saxophone, the monthly show promises an immersive musical journey that encapsulates the essence of Busan’s charm and diverse cultural life.

During the event, the audience will be treated to popular songs like “Let’s do business,” and the soulful “Busan Groove” and “Gwang’alli,” ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

Attendance for this captivating performance is open to all citizens, free of charge.

Interested individuals can secure their spots via the history museum website (busan.go.kr/mmch) on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limited capacity of 60 attendees.

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