Car Overhaul, How to Find the Best Craftsmen, and Where to Start

Car overhaul is a complete car maintenance that can make an aging car almost as new. The thorough process of engine repair, cleaning and replacing the worn parts,  and reassembling the car breathes new life into it.

You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of entrusting your car to the wrong individual. In this regard, we will enlighten you on what to consider when choosing a car repair service for your car overhaul. 

What to Check When Choosing a Professional for Your Car Overhaul

Don’t forget that a car overhaul requires a comprehensive inspection of various car components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, bodywork, brakes, etc. As such, you must entrust it to a car repair expert.

The tips below will give you insight into locating skilled professionals to ensure your car overhaul is successful.

  • Certifications

However, certificates are not always the best way to choose a great technician. But, with your vehicle overhaul on the line, you want to be assured that the person handling the process is adequately qualified. Certificates testify to a technician’s formal training and adherence to industry standards. 

Look out for technicians certified by the country’s reputable institutes and regulatory bodies. For instance, choosing a technician with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification can be a great idea if you are in the UAE. 

  • Reputation and Experience

While certification shows that a person is qualified to handle a vehicle overhaul, experience is the major determinant of how well they can do it. Furthermore, you can leverage online reviews; it is a testament to the job they have done so far. You can also ask people around for recommendations.

  • Warranty

Warranty is a testament to a technician’s belief in their expertise. You can leverage this and ask if their services come with a warranty before taking your car to their garage for the overhaul. This will ensure you get value for your money and make them committed to doing a good job.

  • Use of Technologies and Tools

The automotive industry keeps evolving; technicians no longer rely on basic tools and machines to fix vehicles. Instead, they can use various technologies to minimize work time, make better diagnoses, and improve the overall efficiency of the overhaul. 

Unfortunately, not all technicians are upskilling in line with the industry’s demand. Therefore, you must inquire how well a technician uses these technological tools before committing to them for your vehicle’s overhaul. Choose an auto garage that uses the necessary tools for your vehicle. It is even more essential to pay attention to this if your car relies on some software and electronic parts. 

Top Places to Find Skilled Craftsmen in the UAE

Knowing where to look for one is even more important than knowing what to look out for when choosing a technician. Instead of driving to a random maintenance garage, having a streamlined list of places to get the best technicians will make it easier and faster. 

Below are some of the best car repair services for your car overhaul in the UAE. 

  • Authorized Dealerships

Who else is better to maintain something than people who know how it is made? A vehicle’s authorized dealership is the best place to get excellent craftsmen for your car overhaul. As they are directly associated with the manufacturers, their technicians may be trained and certified by the manufacturers. 

  • Specialized Auto Repair Shops

Another great place to check for excellent craftsmen for overhauling is specialized auto repair shops. Unlike general auto repair shops, these garages have niches and only employ technicians who have perfected their crafts in these niches. 

  • Independent Craftsmen

Another smart move is to work with independent craftsmen who have built great reputations and offer adequate guarantees. While these people are independent, they may also have teams, private autocare garages, and specialized equipment to get the job done. 


A car overhaul is a big investment that can improve your vehicle’s performance and provide a rewarding experience. Although finding the right professional for your car overhaul can be challenging, we have discussed some tips to help you navigate the process in this article.

You can also bring your vehicle to our UAE garage. Our highly experienced craftsmen can help restore your car to its former glory, ensuring the process is smooth and successful.

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