Local Destinations

Busan Destinations: Crisscross the Island Cliffs of Oryukdo

For an unreal ocean view, consider the expansive Haeparang Trail -- a 770-kilometer-long trekking course along the eastern coastline of Korea.

BTO Selects BN Group as New Busan Tower Operator, Likely to Re-open in June

The Busan Tourism Organization has selected local business BN Group as the new operator of Busan Tower.

Busan Destinations: U.N. Memorial Cemetery in Korea, Daeyeon Arboretum

Not far from either the Busan Museum or Busan Cultural Center is the expansive United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea and lush Daeyeon Arboretum.

Busan Destinations: Skywalks Around the City

If you're looking to check out the popular Skywalk attractions around the city, here are the three you may want to venture out too.

Busan Destinations: Haeundae Light Festival to Begin Tonight

The Haeundae Light Festival, delayed by COVID-19 measures, will begin tonight according to the district.

Busan Destinations: Taejeongdae

Located on the island of Yeongdo-gu, Taejongdae is a scenic park with great views from cliffs facing the sea.

Haeundae’s Garosu-gil Selected as the Best for “Green City Excellence”

Haeundae-gu's Garosu-gil was selected as the Grand Prize winner in the 2020 Green City Best Practices Contest hosted by the Korea Forest Service.

Busan Destinations: Dongcheon Ginkgo Tree Street

Ginkgo trees serve as a natural separation between Jeonpo-dong (neighborhood) and Seomyeon along this busy street. In total, 740 meters encompass Dongcheon Ginkgo Tree Street, which begins at the Seomyeon NC Department Store and ends at Gyeongnam Technical High School.

65% Approve of Opening a Walkway on Gwangan Bridge

The city of Busan is continuing to promote a project to build a pedestrian-only road for citizens and tourists to walk along the Gwangan Bridge. 

Eight Busan Tourist Sites Selected in 2021 Top Korea Destinations List

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has selected its top 100 destinations for people to visit in 2021, with Busan getting eight nominations, its highest since 2013.

Haeundae-gu Wants to Change Haeridan-gil Into a Walking Street

Haeundae-gu Office has announced that it intends to make Haeridan-gil into a pedestrian-friendly walking street along seven sections of the district.

Busan Destinations: Flower Shops in Jayu Market

Jayu Market, located in Beomil-dong, Dong-gu is a five-story building filled with shops selling clothes, shoes, and flowers.