The Largest Immersive Media Art exhibition in Korea, “Arte Museum Busan” to Open in 2023

In 2023, ‘Arte Museum Busan’, an immersive media art exhibition hall, will be opened in Busan, the largest in Korea.

The city of Busan announced on the morning of the 28th that it would sign a business agreement with District Korea for the construction and operation of ‘Arte Museum Busan’, an immersive media art permanent exhibition hall.

This agreement lays the foundation for collaboration between the city of Busan and District Korea for the establishment and utilization of ‘Arte Museum Busan’, an immersive media art exhibition hall, and focuses on creating a world-class media art exhibition hall in Busan by sharing roles.  

According to the agreement, District Korea Co., Ltd. will build ‘Arte Museum Busan’ in the first half of 2023 and Busan City will promote various projects that can utilize ‘Arte Museum Busan’ as global tourism content.

With an investment of 11 billion won with pure private capital, the museum will exhibit various media art based on Busan’s unique natural environment.

Through this, the city of Busan and District Korea is expecting that Busan will be imprinted on people around the world as an international city of culture and art and that more than 1 million tourists visit Busan every year to establish itself as a global tourism content.

In particular, ‘Arte Museum Busan’ will introduce ‘Arte Meta’, a crypto art exhibition hall based on NFT (non-fungible token) for the first time in Korea. Based on this, it is expected that Busan will lead the domestic digital art market in the future.

Currently ‘Arte Museum’ is the largest immersive media art permanent exhibition hall in Korea that exhibits works of natural materials under the theme of ETERNAL NATURE which opened in Gangneung in December.

As the common theme, ‘nature’, is presented according to the characteristics and cultural heritage of each region, ‘Arte Museum Yeosu’ is about the sea, and ‘Arte Museum Gangneung’ is about mountains and valleys.

‘Arte Museum Jeju’ has surpassed 1.5 million cumulative visitors since its opening in 2020, and ‘Arte Museum Gangneung’ is so popular that the cumulative number of visitors surpassed 500,000 after about 7 months of opening.

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