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Lotte Giants Criticized For Not Social Distancing Fans

The city of Busan announced yesterday that it has strongly requested the Lotte Giants team to implement thorough quarantine measures on social distancing at its main baseball stadium at the Sajik Baseball Stadium after seeing much lack of effort on its first game held on the 28th.

90 Cases of Coronavirus Now Confirmed From Russian Vessels in Busan

As 12 additional sailors were confirmed from Russian fishing vessel P, a total of 90 cases have been confirmed from crewmembers on Russian vessels in the past month.

City of Busan to Stop Production of 100-Liter Garbage Bags

The city of Busan has decided to create a safer working environment for sanitation workers in Busan by completely stopping the production of large-capacity garbage bags (100ℓ) to reduce the risk of safety accidents when handling waste bags that weigh too much.

Man Arrested in Haeundae For Repeatedly Refusing to Wear a Mask

A man in his 50s has been arrested by police for violating the Infectious Disease Control Act.

More Safety Concerns Against Gimhae’s New Airport Plan

Another safety concern has been raised against the transport ministry’s Gimhae New Airport plan.  

AD STARS 2020 Receives Over 20,000 Entires For The Fourth Year Running

AD STARS is pleased to confirm it has received 20,028 entries from 60 countries to this year’s awards, with an increase in entries from a diverse mix of markets around the globe.

Masks Must Be Worn at Five Busan Beaches From Today

Masks must now be worn at five of the city's beaches from today.

Last Night’s Storm in Busan: Here’s What Happened Around the City

Record rain turned Busan into a city of water last night as major flooding and damage took place.

Millak Riverside Park to Restrict Entrance After Midnight Until August 15

Busan Millak Waterside Park, a very popular outdoor venue, will be closed after midnight starting on the 25th.

Up to 250mm of Rain Expected Until Tomorrow in Busan, Gyeongnam Region

Heavy rains are once again expected today until early tomorrow around Busan and the Gyeongnam region.

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